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Auto Theft Task Forces

The Department of Police is currently a member of and supervises two Auto Theft Task Forces within the state. The Metro East Task Force services St. Clair County and the surrounding areas and the Northern Illinois Task Force services Winnebago County and the surrounding areas. Both are funded by grants from the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council. These task forces are multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional in nature, with the primary mission of reducing auto theft in targeted areas and the recovery of stolen motor vehicles throughout the State of Illinois. These two task forces are responsible for the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vehicles each year, thus reducing the overall cost of vehicle insurance for Illinois consumers.

Auto Parts Audit Team

Using grants from the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council, the Department of Police has assembled special audit teams that audit licensed motor vehicle rebuilders, repairers, scrap processors and salvage yards. These teams routinely audit over 100,000 vehicles each year. As a result of this effort, hundreds of stolen and contraband vehicles as well as stolen and contraband vehicle parts are located each year. The efforts of the audit teams protect Illinois consumers from fraudulent rebuilders and repairers as well as serving as a deterrent to auto theft by limiting or reducing the ability of individuals to resell stolen vehicles and their associated parts.

Anti-Drunk Driving

The Department of Police, funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation, operates periodic special anti-drunk driving patrols. Officers are assigned to patrol specific areas where there is a high probability of encountering impaired drivers. Each year, Department personnel are responsible for removing hundreds of impaired drivers from the highways of Illinois.

Operation Straight ID

This is a training program, operated by the Department of Police. The program is funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation for the purpose of training the owners and employees of businesses that sell alcoholic beverages, in the identification of fraudulent or fake driver's licenses and state identification cards. Every year, the Department presents over 200 classes for approximately 4,500 individuals. As a result of this training, these employees are able to recognize illegal driver's licenses and fake identification as well as how to report these incidents. Each year the Fraudulent Drivers License Unit of the Department of Police handle in excess of 700 cases of fictitious or fraudulent identification. Many of these cases are a direct result of Operation Straight ID. This program has proven to be a significant deterrent to the sale of alcohol to underage individuals throughout the State.

Speed Traffic Accident Reduction (STAR)

The STAR program is funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation and is geared for the enforcement of speed and occupant restraint violations. There are two week enforcement waves throughout the year where we target the speeding drivers, heavily enforcement occupant restraint laws and check for mandatory insurance requirements.