Historic Route 66 Aerial Photos -- Livingston County Illinois State Library

The first systematic collection of photographs of the ground, taken by cameras in airplanes at a 20,000 foot altitude, was initiated by the U.S. Agricultural Adjustment Administration in New Deal efforts to precisely measure agricultural land. Today, these aerial photographs may be used to visualize any long gone feature that was on the landscape in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Included in the State Library's collection of aerial photography are photographs that show Route 66 as it existed in twelve Illinois counties between 1937 and 1941. Illinois Historical Aerial Photography (ILHAP) is accessible online through the Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.

The aerial photographs that show Route 66 as it existed in 1938 in Livingston County are listed below. The list consists of the Flight Line (FL) and exposure (e.g., V-8A-126) numbers necessary to identify photographs in the county indexes on the ILHAP website.

Historic Route 66 Aerial Photos -- Livingston County 1938

FL = Flight Line

FL 1 FL 2 FL 3 FL 4
V-8A-126 V-2A-44 V-2A-16 V-2A-77
V-8A-127 V-2A-45 V-2A-15 V-2A-76
V-8A-128 V-2A-46 V-2A-14 V-2A-75
V-8A-129 V-2A-47 V-2A-13 V-2A-74

FL 5 FL 6 FL 7 FL 8
V-3A-35 V-3A-77 V-5A-38 V-5A-86
V-3A-36 V-3A-76 V-5A-39 V-5A-85
V-3A-37 V-3A-75 V-5A-40 V-5A-84
V-3A-38 V-3A-74 V-5A-41 V-5A-83
V-3A-39 V-5A-82

FL 9 FL 10 FL 11 FL 12
V-6A-26 V-6A-56 V-6A-104 V-6A-130
V-6A-25 V-6A-57 V-6A-103 V-6A-131
V-6A-24 V-6A-58 V-6A-102 V-6A-132
V-6A-23 V-6A-59 V-6A-101 V-6A-133