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Adult and Family Literacy Resource Bins

What are Resource Bins?

Resource bins are a collection of materials, such as books, videos, articles, or other media, on one topic that provide information on developing and implementing volunteer-delivered adult literacy services or family literacy programming. Resource bins are large, lidded plastic boxes or zippered bags containing these materials.

What topics are available?

Adult Education
English as a Second Language
Evidenced Based Reading Research
Family Literacy Background
Financial Literacy
Health Literacy
Job Preparation
Learner Resources
Learning Assessment
Learning Disabilities
Parent-Child Activities
Parenting Education
Program Management
Volunteer Management
Volunteer Training

Although some topics have several bins, no two bins contain exactly the same materials. View the complete list of the items in each bin.

How do I borrow a resource bin?

Resource bins are shipped to local libraries from the Illinois State Library Literacy Office using the Illinois Library Delivery System (ILDS) and returned the same way. This system is free to the borrower. Secure permission to ship the materials to a library, then call the Literacy Office at 217−785−6922 or email and request the bin(s) you’d like to borrow. Include the following in your request:

Some bins are heavy so you may need a wheeled carrier to transport it. Please fax the receipt form to the Literacy Office at 217−785−6927 confirming that the bin has arrived.

How to return a resource collection

Ship the resource bin back to the Literacy Office within one month via the ILDS at your library. Repack it as you found it. Please replace any materials used or lost while you had the bin.