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Adult Volunteer Literacy Grant Program

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Grant projects provide instruction to help adults who read below the ninth grade level or speak English at a beginning level to improve their basic reading, writing, math, or English language proficiency. Services are provided through the use of trained, unpaid volunteer tutors.

Expected Outcomes

Application and Forms

All Literacy grant applications are due March 15.

Supporting Documentation

At least three letters of support are required. Submitting agencies must secure a statement (letter of support) from participating agencies detailing their significant responsibilities to the literacy project. Each letter should describe their cooperation, coordination, and services to the project and include the signatures of organization representatives.

If the submitting agency is a not-for-profit entity, attach a copy of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Ruling on Determination Letter.

Information Webinar

Adult Volunteer Literacy grant information webinar is recommended for all Secretary of State funded Adult Volunteer Literacy grantees or any agency interested in applying for the program.

Eligibility and Program Requirements

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Participant Eligibility Requirements

Programming Requirements

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Public funds awarded under this grant range up to $75,000, with first year grants not exceeding $25,000. Only one project is allowed. Total awards cannot exceed $180,000 per agency.

Allowable Costs

Costs not allowed

For more information about Adult Volunteer Literacy grants, please call 217-785-6921 or email

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