Annual Library Certification Timeline Illinois State Library

January 2 through March 31
All current library system members must certify annually through the Illinois State Library's certification web portal. Certification must be completed by each library's 'main' agency using the following login information found in L2:

**Some academic institutions have multiple administrative branch numbers with an ending of '00' and all branches with this ending number must certify individually.

April 1 through June 30
Those libraries that certify during the January 2 through March 31 time period will have their certification reviewed by their respective library System Board of Directors (IHLS or RAILS). Those libraries that certified but don't meet membership criteria or those libraries that don't certify will be recommended for suspension. The resulting actions taken by System Boards, which will occur in April, will then be approved by the Illinois State Library as the final step in this process.

Beginning July 1
Only approved certified libraries will be recognized as library system members, remaining eligible for Illinois State Library grants, system membership, and system services. Certified libraries will also need to update, as necessary, their contact information when applying for a specific Illinois State Library-supported grant program (per capita grants, Live and Learn Construction Grants, and others).

Throughout the year
New member libraries or suspended libraries that wish to rejoin the regional library system and can meet membership criteria can be approved as new system members throughout the year. The member application process includes:

Additional information on the library system membership application process: