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Annual Library Certification Data

The online certification form requires logging in with the agency control number and the main administrative branch number. Find your agency control number and branch number on L2.

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Certification Form Data

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Institution Questions

The certification questions asked are derived from the Illinois Library System Membership Criteria [23 Ill. Adm. Code 3030.200] for Developmental and Full System Members and different types of libraries (school, special, public, and academic). All questions below require an answer.

Core Institution Questions for All Libraries:

  1. Does the library serve the basic information and library needs of its patrons?
  2. Does the library have a bibliographically organized collection of library materials?
  3. Does the library have one or more employees serving as librarian at least 15 hours per week?
  4. Does the library collection have ongoing financial support?
  5. Is the library collection accessible centrally?
  6. Does the library occupy identifiable quarters in one principal location?

Other unique questions on the online certification form depend on each library agency's 1) system membership status (developmental or full), and 2) type of library (public, school, special, academic). A summary of these questions follows:

All Full Members – Academic, Special, School and Public

All Public School Libraries – Full and Developmental Members

All Public Libraries

All Academic Libraries