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Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle riding is a great way to get into shape and enjoy the outdoors. To remain safe on Illinois roads, it is important to follow the same traffic safety laws that govern vehicle drivers.

Illinois law requires motorists when passing a bike rider(s) to keep at least three feet between their vehicle and the bicycle. No amount of bicycle safety equipment can adequately protect a rider from the dangerous force of a car or truck if involved in a vehicle collision. The best way to avoid injury is by being prepared for the dangers that streets pose to bicycle riders, obeying the rules of the road and wearing a properly fitted helmet at all times.

Illinois in 2011:

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Pedestrian Safety

A driver must come to a complete stop (and yield):

A driver must yield to a pedestrian:

For more information, please see the Rules of the Road.

Illinois in 2011

Nationally in 2011

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